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member britney1 Photo Britney Bindel Mambonova It's crazy fun, builds confidence, is a great outlet for sexiness with class and is challenging. Having spent most of my life dancing other styles, mainly ballet and jazz, I know good teaching and good choreography. Rarely the two meet, but they do at MamboNova, where training is incredibly comprehensive, thanks to the balance that comes from the dynamic duo that is Hector and Lucie. A visionary, Hector is able to express through dance all of the obvious, subtle and even seemingly hidden nuances in salsa music. His instinctive musicality is showcased in strong footwork that leaves students both challenged to keep up and somehow finding their feet innately moving to the rhythms he hears. He teaches you how to feel what he feels in the music, and gives you the vocabulary to effectively convey that message. The choreography is varied and never boring. It is fun, it is hard work, and it requires a duality of concentration and letting your body just go with it. Attention is placed not only on the partnering, but when Hector and Lucie separate the leaders and followers, detailed training is given in respect to technique, styling and choreography review. In the role of a follower, I have found Lucie's instruction during this part of the class to be invaluable, for it is then that the awkward and uncoordinated become the sexy salsa dancer, and all the questions about missing pieces in choreography are filled in. Her patience, ability to break it down, and humor put you at ease and equip you to own the moves. Check them out. And if you're new to this, give it more than just one try.

mayra mayra Photo Mayra Soto MamboNova a energetic fun group of people. It has been an amazing experience to work with both Hector and Lucie. Hector has thought me the fundamentals of dance and has made me love dancing even more. If you're looking for a energetic, kind, enthusiastic and passionate team try MamboNova. You will not be disappointed.

member chun 2 Photo Chung Liu Hector is a great dancer, and I truly admire his style and feel for the music. As a teacher, he goes beyond the steps and the patterns, and helps me improve my form, clean up my leading technique, and move with the music. He pays a lot of attention to the details of each student, and gives honest advice and kind encouragement. His approachable style sets the example in the MamboNova team, fostering an environment of friendship, and I always look forward to practice. I feel I have improved as a dancer under his guidance, and recommend MamboNova to my salsa friends of all levels.

ike ike Photo Ike Shin My experience with MamboNova amateur team was simply amazing! I was transitioning from on1 to on2 style when I joined the team, and Hector's structured step by step training methods were so effective for me to make that change smoothly in such a short time. Also, his focus on building the strong foundation for salsa dance helped me to correct many bad dance habits which I did not notice before. But most of all, I had so much fun with the team not just during the training but also with frequent get-togethers and outside of the training. I highly recommend him and MamboNova for anyone who wants to start or improve his or her on2 salsa dance.

enzo enzo Photo Enzo Arce I was with MamoNova for more then a year, I wanted to learn On2 Salsa and this class was perfect for me. Hector taught me the proper way of dancing by teaching me how to count, switch my weight, and learn to listen to the music. The group members are great, friendly, and fun. He is not only a great teacher, but also a very caring and kind human being. He is always trying to help you become a better dancer in an individual bases. I strongly recommend Hector to anyone who wants to learn or improve On2 salsa in a very fun and easygoing environment.

Wanda Yu I have taken salsa dance lessons from Hector for a year and a half. He is a wonderful teacher. I had no dancing background, and he helped me to learn at my own pace. Even in group classes, he takes time to spend with each individual. He can cater lessons to your level, learning the basics to isolations to advanced footwork. Whether you want to compete or just learn some social dancing, Mambonova can help meet your goals if you put in the time and effort. It's also great exercise and fun!

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