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On2 Salsa Dance Lessons

Explore the wonderful On2 salsa dance lessons and teams available from our dance company . MamboNova teaches and trains you how to utilize your body and movements as a form of expression and art through our Latin dance lessons. Group dance lessons are a great way to get started in dancing Contact us at (925) 250-9552 to sign up for your lessons today or to see how you can join one of our dance teams.

Training Team

Lessons Photo MamboNova features dance teams for students just beginning to learn salsa or have danced salsa On1 and would like to learn how to dance On2. This team focuses on learning basic skills, techniques, and patterns so that you can have a comprehensive, artistic education that fosters excellence in all forms of dance.

The training given consists of basic instruction, timing, musicality, and body movements so that you can become a true salsa dancer. We strongly believe that anyone can dance if they set their mind to it and our lessons are designed to help you embrace the passion for the art of dancing for both social and performance styles.

Private Dance Lessons

MamboNova also features private and semi-private lessons that help you to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time. These lessons allow you to move at your own pace with individualized attention and personalized instruction so that your needs can be perfectly met.

Contact us at (925) 250-9552 for more information.

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Mountain View
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